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Crystallinibikini posing suit

Posing practice  suits

Practice suits are a great investment for your upcoming show!  Wearing a practice suit that's cut like an actual stage suit will  accomplish a couple of things- the plain suit is a preview of your show suit so we are able to tweak the fit to customize your actual stage suit. A practice suit can also be a photo session bikini!  and a beach bikini!  Who knew???  Plus, wearing one during posing practice gives you a way better idea of how you will present onstage. 

Measuring instruction are at the bottom of this page, but, as always, if you need extra help with measuring , you may email us at

Practice suits come with NO pads, but you may order a set on this page!  Your stage suit does include pads!  Suits are shipped with a week of ordering.

We also offer gift certificates for your favorite athlete, in any denomination!  contact us at to order yours!

      figure/physique practice suits 

measuring instructions are provided at the end of this category! You may order your suit on this page, and for color changes, drop us a note on the contact page