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 To change color on a figure suit, please drop a note on our contact page  with your color selection. There is NO upcharge to change color!   Connectors can be added also. There is an extra fee to add connectors, unless the posing suit in the photo already has them.


  The 2-piece figure competition suits shown are available in three bottom styles- rio ( 6" wide or 1/2 rear coverage), malibu,( 7" wide or 3/4 rear coverage) , and pro ( 5" wide or minimal coverage). Straps cross in back and hook to the bottoms. Both molded cup tops and triangle tops have pockets for removable pads, which are included with your suit, along with extra crystals and a storage box!  


Measuring instructions  are shown on the bottom of this page  & the  "how to measure" page.    The "how to measurepage  also shows the coverages and top styles.  Once you've measured, you may order your suit on this page.  The back bottoms of our suits have the same crystal pattern as the front so you sparkle from the back as well  as from the front!!  We have photos from the back on most of our suits- contact us for photos.


We also offer gift certificates for your favorite athlete, in any denomination!   Contact us at to order yours!



. Our posing suits are legal for all federations- figure competition, bikini competition, womens physique, bikini fitness, bikini wellness and body fitness! If you aren't sure of your federation rules, please feel free to check with us. We do read every federations rules for style/coverage!


For any questions, or if you would like fabric swatches of other available fabrics, contact  Please allow 5 weeks for delivery-each posing suit is made to order!  Practice suits are ready in a week.   E-MAIL FOR SWATCHES !

Bottom sizes run as follows:

XS--30-32 inch hip   or  76.2-81.28cm

S --33-35 inch hip  or   83.8-88.9cm

M --36-38 inch hip. or   91.44-96.52cm

L ---39-41 inch hip   or  99.06-104.14cm

figure competitor
figure competitor
figure competitor
figure competitor