Crystallini Bikini - competition physique suits


suits   All  competition suits are custom made upon your order, except the ones you see listed on the " quick ship “ page. 

The price you see is all inclusive!  WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! No surprises.  No nickel and diming. No a la carte. If you wish to change connectors, there may be an upcharge, which is clearly stated beside each connector style.  There is NO price change for substituting fabric or color, either.

  We use SWAROVSKI OR PRECIOSA CRYSTALS!  What we don't use is acrylic rhinestones or glitter glue.   All competition  suits are fully lined, with pockets in the tops for pads.  The straps on FIGURE SUITS have 3 loops each for adjustment and hook onto the back of the suit with clear plastic hooks.  Figure suits have a choice of 3 coverages for your bum- 5" (12.7cm)  pro,   6" (15.24cm) rio,  or 7"(17.78cm ) malibu.   Photos of these can be viewed on the  "suit cut front & back" page. 
 TOPS are generally a standard sliding triangle , but  a molded triangle cup that provides firmness and lift without an underwire is also now available.  Also available is a bra type underwire top.  As the underwire tops aren't adjustable, I recommend a sample fitter be sent, if time allows.  Underwire tops carry a $35 upcharge.  All of these tops  are shown on the 'suit cut-front and back' page    
COMPETITION BIKINIS are butterfly cut, and gathered up the back, in micro, 1/2 , 3/4, & full  coverage.   Coverages can be seen on the "suit cut front & back" page.  The suits are front lined, and the tops have pockets for pads.  By default, all our competition bikinis  tie at neck and back.  However, a variety of crystal back closures are available  at the jewelry and back closures page on the menu.

 Ladies, we do not sell crystal bikini connectors separately, without the purchase of a  posing suit.  The pictures of connectors are up there only should you decide to mix and match suit designs...

 If you wish to change the connectors on a particular competition  bikini, please take a look at the "crystal bikini connector" page- you may choose from any of these.  Please contact me for a quote as the price may change.  It may increase, decrease or remain the same , depending on which connectors are chosen.
I have had ladies ask if I rent suits- at this time, no. I have also had clients ask if I can buy back or re-sell their suits.  No to that also, but there are plenty of websites dedicated to re-selling preowned competition suits.
fabrics/swatches  Because suits are custom made, you may choose a fabric other than what's shown on a photo or its  drop down menu.  There is no charge to change out a fabric.  Pretty much any suit can be made out of any fabric. Because the fabric selection is large, it isn't feasible to have a drop down menu  with colors for each suit.  If you would like to change the suit fabric/color, please order as is on the website, then email me with your color/fabric choice from the fabrics pages.  I prefer not to make figure suits from sequin as these suits have to have bound edges and end up looking more like a bikini division suit.  
My current fabric stock is shown on the website, and changes periodically . If you don't see what you are looking for, let me know- chances are I can get it for you. 
Please don't hesitate to ask for FREE FABRIC SWATCHES!  I like to send these out as there is no telling what colors look like on YOUR monitor!  Plus, there's nothing like seeing the fabric up close and against your skin to make an educated choice.  I don't want you to be surprised or disappointed in your color choice once your suit arrives...
sizing/sample fitters   Further down,  I've listed size ranges to help you determine your suit size.  The sample suits are just fitters of whatever fabric I happen to have a lot of so don't get too excited over these!  They are just to determine size and bottom cuts and if any alterations in patterns are necessary for you!  When cutting suits, I do customize fit , allowing for height.  If time permits, a sample fitter can be sent out for you to try on to determine the best size/cut for you.  However, if you are 5 weeks or less out from your show, there isn't enough time to go back and forth with the fitters and we will just make your suit from your measurements.  Unfortunately, because of a few folks who either don't return the fitters at all,  or send them back months later, I  now require a $50 deposit, refundable upon return of samples or applied to an order.  When requesting  the sample suits,  it's a good time to request swatches too!
washing & wearing  your suit  Your suit is delicate!  Please don't wear it to practice in as it's not meant to withstand repeated wearings as a regular swimsuit would. 

This is NOT a beach bikini!  Heat will damage the glue!  Please DO NOT expose your suit to intense heat, such as wearing it to the beach, or leaving it in a hot car.

 To clean it after your show, hand wash in the sink with as little soap as possible and warm water.  Use either dish soap or shampoo, or woolite, as long as what you use has no whiteners or bleach.  The whitener/bleach will ruin the metallic finish, as will prolonged soaking of the suit.  Swish thru for only about a minute or so and use a small toothbrush to remove tanner & bikini bite from the inside.  Very light colored suits may retain some stain on the outside edges- this can't be helped, and won't be noticed onstage at your next show.  Do not wring the suit out- you may dislodge crystals!  Either lay flat on towels to dry or hang to dry.  Even after taking all these precautions, you may notice a little dulling on some fabrics.  I never know which  fabrics this will happen to;  I don't manufacture the fabric so I have no control over how it wears.  Most holograms do have the tendency to dull after a bit- unfortunately,  it can't be helped  :-(
Triangle tops come in sizes A- DD, and pretty much run to size.

However,  if you are ordering the molded cup option, please be aware that the A size runs true, but the  B,C, D, and DD run large. If you're an A, order the A.  If your'e a B, order the B, but we will add pads.  If youre a C, the B without pads will fit.  If you're a D, order a C.  If you're a DD, order the D, and if you're a DDD, The DD will fit.
We also take into consideration that all manufacturers size their bras differently.  Many clients wear Victorias Secret bras, and they are vanity sized.  We find that clients usually wear one cup size smaller in Crystallini bikinis and figure/physique suits.

XS bottom   hip 30-32  inches   or    76.2-  81.28cm  
S    bottom   hip 33-35  inches   or    83.8 -  88.9cm
M   bottom   hip  36-38  inches  or    91.44-96.52cm
L    bottom   hip  39-41  inches  or    99.06-104.14cm
When taking the hip measurement, make sure the tape goes around the widest part of the hip, with the tape running around your butt.
Also of big help in getting a more customized fit is a waist, height ,and torso loop measurement.  You may email this info to me.  To take a torso loop measurement, place the tape measure at one shoulder and let it hang down your back.  Pass it thru your legs and bring it up your front to meet at the original starting point at your shoulder.  This measurement will run between 54" (137.16cm) - 66"(167.64cm), depending on your height.  This is what helps me determine the string length and how high to bring up the sides of your figure suit.
sizing for competition bikinis
Triangle tops come in sizes A- DD, pretty much run to size, and  are cut narrower than figure suit tops.

However,  if you are ordering the molded cup option, please be aware that the A size runs true, but the  B,C, D, and DD run large. If you're an A, order the A.  If your'e a B, order the B, but we will add pads.  If youre a C, the B without pads will fit.  If you're a D, order a C.  If you're a DD, order the D, and if you're a DDD, The DD will fit. 

We also take into consideration that all manufacturers size their bras differently.  Many clients wear Victorias Secret bras, and they are vanity sized.  We find that clients usually wear one cup size smaller in Crystallini bikinis and figure/physique suits.

XS bottom  hip 30-32  inches   or  76.2 - 81.28cm
S   bottom   hip 33-35  inches   or  83.8-88.9cm
M  bottom   hip  36-38  inches  or  91.44-96.52cm
L   bottom   hip  39-41  inches  or  99.06-104.14cm
I have had many clients ask me about coverage for caesarian scars and have found that raising the front rise 1/2"(1.27cm) seems to take care of the situation.  If you have concerns of this nature, let me know.  As I said previously, suits are custom made, and can be cut specially for you.  However, suits that are specifically cut differently from my patterns are NOT returnable.

SPONSORSHIPS Each year, a number of athletes are sponsored.  They are usually long standing clients, or clients who have referred others, or clients that are in financial need.   We choose sponsored athletes in November-December of any given year.

payment Payment is accepted via Paypal on the website, or if you prefer, by sending a cashiers check or money order, made payable to Ellen Holmes.  It isn't necessary to have a Paypal account to remit- you may check out  as a guest.  Local clients who visit me in person may pay by CC/debit, cash or check.
If you decide to change the fabric on a suit,  you may order as shown, and then drop us  an email to let us know which fabric you'd like instead.  There is no protocol on the website to order a suit in a fabric not already shown in the drop down menu, so this is the easiest and quickest way. This applies to blank figure suits for $75.00 USD also.  Please communicate with me by email concerning your color, sizes, etc, and I will send you a Paypal money request, or again, you may remit with a money order, or cashiers check, made payable to Ellen Holmes
suit turnaround  We have found that a 2-4 week turnaround holds true for the most part, but during the height of the season it stretches from 5- 7 weeks..   However, this changes on a daily basis, depending on the time of year, how many suits are ahead of you, and what kind of suits are ahead of you!  Best plan is to contact me when your suit is ordered and at that time, we can give you a pretty good estimate of when your suit will ship.  We usually err in YOUR favor, and can absolutely state that we have have never been late with a suit.  If  we can't have it to you for your bikini competition or figure competition I will let you know before you go ahead and order it.  Neither of us needs that kind of stress. 
Plain unadorned figure suits always leave here within the week.  Bikinis with crystal connectors, but no additional embellishment usually make it out of here within the week also.
If you order a suit months  in advance of your show date, we will get to it as soon as possible, but if another  client orders  after you and needs a suit for a show date before yours, we have to bump you for a bit.  Competition  dates trump everything else here , so please have will still have your suit a few weeks in advance of your show.
suit returns  There is a limited return policy!  We will accept a return if we made a mistake- wrong color, wrong connectors, different size than what was ordered.... Returns on bloopers  must be made within 10 days of receipt on unworn suits.  A refund, less a re-stocking /handling charge of $10 ,will be issued once the suit comes back and is inspected.

 We don't accept returns on a suit that has been altered from our patterns to meet clients needs, such as widening or raising the crotch, or a back bottom width that is different from our norm. 
  Only unworn suits are accepted back for refunds.  If you decide to exchange for a different suit, or a different color, I must ask you to cover shipping for a new one back to you.
Refunds are either  credited back to your Paypal account, or if you paid by check or cash, a check will be issued.
shipping  Suits are shipped both DOMESTIC  and INTERNATIONAL !  WORLD WIDE SHIPPING!!!
Shipping is via USPS- fees are as follows;
US  priority                $10.95    2-3 day
US  overnight             $30.00
International priority    $45.00   10 days-2 weeks
International Express  $60.00    7-10 days

 INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS   Please be aware of your CUSTOMS  and VAT fees.  If this is to be a gift, please let me know- I will mark it as such on the customs declarations form... Also, please allow enough time when ordering to allow for any hold up through customs.  It's difficult to foresee when this may occur so ordering at least 8-10 weeks in advance will ensure your suit arrives in time.
in house consultations  Last but not least!  I have had SO many clients show up unannounced lately!  I  do accomodate you if I'm here, and you're already at the door,  but I hate to see you waste your time  driving here if I'm not available, or if  I'm closed for the day.  My schedule for consultations is pretty tight, so please be on time.  If you are over an hour late, I won't be able to accommodate you as there's probably another client waiting in line.  PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT TO BE ON TIME!   It's also not fair to a client who's already here.. I'm in sunny South florida, so local gals can call 954-648-4716, or email  to set up an appointment.
Hours of operation are Mon-Fri 9-3 for appointments.  Saturday AM upon duress- oops! request!
With a variety of designs and price points to choose from, we are sure you will love your Crystallini Bikini.  If you have  comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at, or DM  @crystallinibikini on INSTAGRAM


             Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

EMAIL - ellen@crystallinibikini.con
PHONE/TEXT 954-648-4716
DM INSTAGRAM @crystallinibikini
FACEBOOK- Crystallinibikini competition suits

For my sanity, I don't answer my phone after 5 PM eastern standard time, so please don't just hang up!  Leave a VM, and tomorrow, when I've recuperated from the previous day, I will give u a holla.
If you have any other questions that haven't been addressed on this page, please feel free to contact me! 
Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to do what I love ,and to get you all onstage looking gorgeous!  I will look forward to designing your next figure suit, or competition bikini!
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