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About Ellen Holmes
I have designed and manufactured competition dancewear and costumes in South Florida for the past 20 years, and during that time, have received numerous costume awards. 
I am also an NPC figure competitor, and have always designed and constructed my own  figure competition posing suits.  I have received many compliments on them, and enjoy making them. 
  In 2009, I  won two 1st place awards  at Gold Coast Classic in Miami, and Southern States in Fort Lauderdale, and 2nd place masters over 55 at the Fort Lauderdale  Cup, wearing my own designs.
 In 2010, I placed 3d in masters over 50 at the Anna Level in West Palm Beach.  My suit got more raves there than I did- one of the judges commented that, in all her years judging, she hadn't seen a more beautiful suit!  I left happy, even if it was third place! I did much better, winning 1st place masters over 50, at Southern States on July 9th, for the 2nd year in a row! Crystallinibikini designs were also featured in the Fort Lauderdale Cup fashion show.  Unfortunately, I had to forego Nationals in Pittsburgh as the hubster was laid off his job, but there's always next year!  In November 2010, I received 2nd place Masters/50 at the Amanda Marinelli in West Palm Beach.
 In 2011, I competed only one contest, but it was a good one!  2011 Southern States, and I upheld my 1st place masters/50 placing for the third year in a row! I had planned on attending Masters Nats, but ended up in the hospital instead with a COPD flare, so that ended that big idea right there :-

 I placed first in masters figure at the 2014 Southern States, and competed the following week at Pittsburgh Nats, where I wasn't fortunate enough to have placed.  BUT, it was a great experience, and there are no regrets!
Well, it's the beginning of 2013, and it's off to a good start!  I'm happy to say that Crystallinibikini has grown and is doing it's part to jumpstart the economy by adding some new employees! Welcome, Lori & Richard!!!
 And, I'm also happy to announce that Crystallinibikini has been a  proud sponsor of the   NGA Abrahamfitness Championships Natural Bodybuilding Show since its inception in 2013 . We are proud sponsors also of Musclemania Gold Coast Fitness, and I was pleased to judge at the same show.
 Well, looks like I am hanging up my heels!  Shoulder injuries and a fractured vertebra keeps me from training the upper body the way I need to for a show.  BUT!  After I got over the realization that my identity as a figure competitor was no longer valid , I realized that I can still live the fitness lifestyle!  Only difference is I'm not  stepping onstage!  I know the value of working out and eating right, and it's still a huge part of my life.  I train 5-6 days a week, count macros and eat healthy food.  That's the take away! 

And on the upside as well, is the fact that I have more time to make suits!
If it weren't for my competition days leading me up to now, I never would have had my suit biz!

Each Crystallini Bikini figure competition posing suit is a special work of art for me, and I would welcome the opportunity to create your unique suit.  I want to thank all my wonderful clients for their continued patronage- you have all put Crystallinibikini on the map!  Please follow Crystallinibikini on Instagram!  Photos are way more detailed there! THE LINK IS AT THE TOP OF MY BIO!
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